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What to Wear to a Shiva

What to Wear to a Shiva In Jewish tradition, the period of Shiva following the death of a loved one is a time of mourning and reflection. During this time, mourners are expected to observe certain customs and rituals, including sitting shiva. Understanding what to wear to a sitting shiva is an important aspect of showing respect and honoring the memory of the deceased. The primary purpose of sitting shiva is to provide a supportive environment for the mourners and to help them cope with their loss. During this time, mourners typically wear simple and modest clothing that reflects their mourning and humility. The traditional clothing worn during shiva often includes a head covering, such as a kippah or a...

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Shiva Sympathy FAQ

  Q: What is shiva? A: Shiva is an age-old Jewish custom. Shiva is a seven day mourning period. It is done by the closest family members of the one who has passed on. The mother, father, sister, brother, spouse, son and daughter will sit on low chairs and grieve the loss of their loved one. The seven-day count begins immediately after the burial.   Q: What is the purpose of sitting shiva? A: Sitting shiva allows the mourner to grieve. It allows others to comfort the mourner. It gives the mourner the time and space to acknowledge their pain and loss. It can allow for the beginning of emotional healing for this deep loss.   Q: How do you...

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