What to Wear to a Shiva

What to Wear to a Shiva

In Jewish tradition, the period of Shiva following the death of a loved one is a time of mourning and reflection. During this time, mourners are expected to observe certain customs and rituals, including sitting shiva. Understanding what to wear to a sitting shiva is an important aspect of showing respect and honoring the memory of the deceased.

The primary purpose of sitting shiva is to provide a supportive environment for the mourners and to help them cope with their loss. During this time, mourners typically wear simple and modest clothing that reflects their mourning and humility. The traditional clothing worn during shiva often includes a head covering, such as a kippah or a black hat, and a prayer shawl, known as a tallit.Mourn attire during shiva is typically black or dark in color, and is meant to express the mourners' sadness and grief. Some people may choose to wear a plain black dress or pants and a black shirt, while others may wear a traditional Jewish mourning garment, such as a kaftan. Women may also choose to wear a head covering or veil, such as a black hat or a scarf, as a sign of mourning.

Consider Comfort

It is also important to consider modesty and comfort when choosing what to wear to a sitting shiva. The mourners will be sitting on low chairs or stools for much of the time, so it is recommended to wear comfortable, loose clothing that allows for ease of movement. Shoes should be removed before entering the shiva house, as a sign of humility and respect.

Respect as a Guest

In addition to the attire worn by the mourners, guests attending a sitting shiva are also expected to dress in a modest and respectful manner. Although there are no specific requirements for what guests should wear, it is recommended to dress in dark or somber colors, such as black or navy blue, and to avoid bright or flashy clothing.

It is also important to consider the cultural and religious traditions of the mourners and their community when choosing what to wear to a sitting shiva. In some Jewish communities, there may be specific customs or expectations for attire during shiva, and it is always best to follow these traditions out of respect for the mourners and their beliefs.

Looking for a Shiva Gift?

It is extremely common for guests to gift shiva baskets filled with food and other comfort items to those who mourn during a sitting shiva. Those who are in mourning should spend their time grieving through the loss of a loved one, rather than cooking or shopping for groceries. If you need the perfect gift to show your support of a grieving friend or loved one, Shiva Sympathy has you covered!

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